Dec 01 2016

Death in the Forest… By Millie

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I stared at the ground. At least it looked better than Katie’s scared face. Venturing further into the woods, I couldn’t stop myself from letting my feelings out. A tear ran down my cheek. How did I get myself into this declining drop into hell? It’s all starting to come back to me now…

Katie and I were bunking from school because… well, I mean, we are not the best at school. It’s not always my fault that I always manage to captivate the whole class!!! Or is it? Anyway, we found ourselves  in the forest after half an hour of sauntering. We did have a good time: climbing trees, making daisy chains and eating berries. All of a sudden, I lost track of time and the next thing I knew the sky had been painted black by darkness. “Shouldn’t we be heading back by now?”asked Katie, from across the woods. I pretended not to hear her because I’m wasn’t so sure that my parents would be particularly pleased to see me. I could tell that Katie was apprehensive about staying here. The wind violently shook the trees, making me shiver.”I’m scared!!!”Shouted Katie, running towards me. She tugged at my arm. I stayed as still as a statue. The night sky was split into two by infectious lightning bolts .I was all ears – waiting anxiously ; thunder bellowed like a lion’s roar. Katie was crying and begging me to take her home.We were falling…

I snapped back into reality.Where was I? Woods? Lost?

AH!MISSING!!!Something just didn’t add up. What was it though?Katie.What about her?Katie: gone…

I ran into the forest, trying to uncover the truth. How could I explain to her parents that she had gone missing under my watch? I don’t think that I will  be going to her place to chat for a long time or more like forever. I darted in between the trees searching for Katie. There was still no sign of her. I stopped at a ditch. There seemed to be something down in the hole. It was Katie’s body. Was she still alive? I prayed that a miracle would come out of thin air. It looked like my luck was out though. I sat by my best friend’s dead body. I couldn’t do anything now – except for grieve. It was all my fault and I couldn’t do anything about it.


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  1.   Mr Thurstonon 01 Dec 2016 at 10:00 am     Reply1

    Super stuff, Mill. I like your range of punctuation to link together your ideas. Merit 🙂

  2.   cerys clothier wrenon 04 Dec 2016 at 10:31 am     Reply2

    That is really good well done millie

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