Dec 01 2016

The Compass. ( HOMEWORK )

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The minuscule thing glinted in Tom’s eye. It came from underneath a large rock under a huge mossy oak tree. Tom stared at it suspiciously. Sam – worried about being late – exclaimed ” Come on… we need to get back!” “In a moment,” muttered Tom, eyes fixed on the glowing object. Tom edged closer, bent down to the rock and lifted it with caution. A compass lay there. Sam shuffled closer to Tom and and hid behind him. Tom stretched out an arm; he was stopped by the tight grip of Sams cold hands. “Get off me,” boomed Tom, untightening Sams grip. But, Sam Stayed put. “You can’t pi…” “GET_OFF_ME” Barked Tom, hurling Sam’s hand back to his own body. Tom bent down and curled a hand round the rusty compass. As he lifted it to his eyes, the cold metal sended a shiver down Tom’s spine. The sun cascaded onto the golden baseplate. It shimmered back into Sams eyes. The Arrow buzzed towards north. “I think it’s having a fit,” declared Tom laughing in his head. The fluffy sheep in the sky covered the beaming sun and the compass froze. “There’s something weird about this Compass!” Proclaimed Sam, shivering and cowering in fear. “Your right,” agreed Tom, Staring at the compass.

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  1.   Mr Thurstonon 01 Dec 2016 at 9:52 am     Reply1

    Super work, Jasper. I’m really enjoying reading your exciting efforts on the blog at the moment. Merit 🙂

    The antonym for tighten is loosen. So, loosening might work better than untightening.

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