Dec 07 2016

The Finale of Death in the Forest By Millie

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Katie’s little sister – Lily – stared up at me with her bulging  puppy eyes.”When will my sister be back from her holiday?” Whispered Lily. It hurt lying to a little child but it was what had to be done for now. I smiled sadly before replying.”In a few days,” I whispered back. The funeral had just finished and everyone was going to the pub for dinner. Everyone but Katie’s Mum. It seemed highly suspicious that she was not going. I picked up the courage to speak out. “Um…Mrs Davy, can I speak to you please? In private,” I explained. This could be my golden chance to get to the truth. “Fine,” She grunted. It was too obvious that she was hiding something that was important.

“I just don’t understand what you want to talk to me about. It should be me talking to you because you were looking after her when it happened. My daughter was with you. She fell,then she died and I’m upset at her funeral. Story short. Do you want to question that?” Jabbered her Mum , rolling her eyes. “Yes….. why aren’t you crying at the mention of her name you don’t seem that sad and depressed. Do you know anything that I don’t?” I questioned trying not to sound too technical.

“Of course I do…..NO I mean I know nothing.Like why I know anything?” Cried the mother.                 “Did YOU murder your own daughter, may I ask?” I shouted across the garden.

“First of all, no you can’t ask that is very rude of you, young lady. Why would I murder my own daughter, what pleasure would I get out of that except for guilt!” she shrieked, her face going bright red. And there was where I left. The case was solved. Katie had been murdered by her own mum. Not what I was expecting but it did make sense.What could I do now? School was tomorrow. I couldn’t go after the disturbing truth that I had found out.

The next day, Mrs Davy was arrested by the police for murder.She got exactly what she deserved: ten years in prison. But no-one could bring back Katie. No-one could. My life would be destroyed and changed forever…


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  1.   Mr Thurstonon 15 Dec 2016 at 7:46 am     Reply1

    Dramatic stuff. It was like an Eastenders Christmas special! Well done for the effort with this three-part beauty! Merit 🙂

    PING: Have a look at your punctuation in and around speech.

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