Jan 10 2017

Poem by Silvie and Helana with inspiration from Aliana

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A torpedo of wind ,

A droplet of ice ,

Sped past an oscilating moon ,

Hung by a seem of stars ,

Stitched through the black of night ,

Its milky light pours down on earth ,

Conquering the oceans ,

Strewn across the globe ,

A beam from the frozen sun ,

A glare from the evil moon,

Meandering through the rainforest of sun ,

Banishing the crows of grace ,

Sending them into a trance of pandemonium ,

Its light melting gradually into the apocalyptic sky ,

Vigorous lightning streamed down in malice , splitting the sky in two ,

An ominous coin shared both fear and hope washed up by the fury of the waves ,

A glint of peace seeped through the storms of war ,

Clouds shared a message with earth : it was the weather’s turn to reign ….

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  1.   Mr Thurstonon 10 Jan 2017 at 10:52 am     Reply1

    I like some of the juxtapositions here. Good collaboration! Merits for all three of you!

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