Jan 16 2017

Homework 📚 discussion: should we wear school uniform ?

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In our class we have been discussing whether or not children should wear uniform  . Lots of interesting points have been made . What do you think ?! Read on to make up your mind …

Lots of people strongly believe that children shouldn’t wear uniform . Firstly, they claim that uniform is uncomfy and itchy . Therefore , children will not concentrate in lessons and  will get worse grades . Furthermore , on P.E days it will cause less fuss because they can wear their P.E kit to school, meaning they will have more time to learn new , sporty skills , they state . Moreover , they think that children will be earlier to school because parents won’t have the hassle of sorting out their uniform . Consequently , it won’t be such a rush at the start of the school day .


On the contrary , others powerfully think that children need to wear uniform.  First and foremost , they believe that uniform is part of child safety. Consequently , when children are on school trips and get lost , the only way they will return to their class is because of their uniform. Additionally , children are easily teased about what they wear and what shops their clothes are from. However , wearing uniform means no one can be teased about their looks , they say . Ultimately , they think that children representing their school will need to wear  uniform .  This means that , if they are wearing uniform members of the public can easily give the school praise or find the school – all because of uniform .

After having summed up both sides of the argument – for and against – it is unmistakable that children should wear uniform as long as it is comfortable and affordable . Wouldn’t you want your child to be returned if they were lost ?

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  1.   Mr Thurstonon 16 Jan 2017 at 5:08 pm     Reply1

    Top stuff, Silv. I like the way you’re playing around with generalisers before and after people’s arguments. Merit! 🙂

    TOP TIP: You can even put them in the middle of their arguments e.g. Additionally, wearing uniforms, they argue, helps to keep children safe.

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