Jan 17 2017

Book Recommendations by Silvie

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Megastar Mysteries – An amazing series about mysteries although with lots of drama and twists . They are written by Anabelle Star and are available in the KS2 library .

The secret cooking club – an emotional story with drama , adventures and fun .  You never want to put it down  . Written by Laurel Remington .

Girls can vlog – amazing yet inspirational series . Its a great read for YouTube fans . Written by Emma Moss .

Cool -A really fun book and your always wondering what’s going to happen next .Written by Michael Mopurgo and available in the KS2 library .

Billionare boy – funny but dramatic and a great read . By David Walliams .

Cookie- inspirational and dramatic . You will always want to read more  . By Jacqueline Wilson .

Theres a boy in the girls bathroom – fun and inspirational . By Louis Sachar and is available in the KS2 library .

Hope you like them and be sure to tell me some more …

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