Jan 17 2017

Poem by Silvie

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A dropet of ice ,

A halo of fire ,

An evil sun ,

A gush of wind ,

Some melted snow ,

A deadly rainbow ,

In a trance of pandemonium ,

Stuck in chaos ,

A glisten on the water ,

A reflecting moon ,

A place where both peace and terror were on the same coin ,

A glimpse of hope ,

A storm of rage ,

Very confused ,

Slightly happy and slightly sad ,

Had earth become bad ?

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2 Responses to “Poem by Silvie”

  1.   Mr Thurstonon 17 Jan 2017 at 5:54 pm     Reply1

    I wonder if I’ll see any of this lovely language layered through your innovation next week…

  2.   Imogenon 19 Jan 2017 at 12:37 pm     Reply2

    Amazing poem silvie I loved it my fave part was a deadly rainbow!

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