Jan 17 2017

Time Travelling to 2057 by Silvie

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The sky was covered in strange lights . No one looked normal . This is weird . I thought to my self . Who knew so many things would change by 2057 ?! Wait , was that someone flying over my head ?! “Harobuki,” one of the alien-like people said to me . What language was that ?! What were they eating – the ground ?! It looked disgusting. ” Harobuki , restaurant ?! ” I asked , guessing the language . They looked at me as if  I were an  alien . I jumped up and down just to check it was not a dream . However , I didn’t know I was going to start flying , as soon as I jumped . I clicked my fingers and suddenly I was invisible . Woah ! Is that really what the futures going to be like ?! I’m jumping back to 2017 ….

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  1.   Mr Thurstonon 17 Jan 2017 at 5:45 pm     Reply1

    You are prolific!

    It would be nice to see you pushing yourself with your Y6 punctuation. I’m not sure about those first few short sentences; we could have semicolons, colons, dashes etc included too.

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