Jan 26 2017

Setting description (HOMEWORK)

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The distant creaks of electric bolts shuddered the trees and ground. The shrieks of a branch after being struck by the vicious devils fingers. The city from afar stopped in their tracks to witness the beginning of the apocalypse. The wind swirled; the attack had begun! Scissors cut the sky’s in two while the booms of thunder rattled the undergrowth. The wooden statues lit up with the strike of an electric python. A livid vacuum cleaner sucked in the remains of the leafs and grass. The electrical rapids shot through the empty sky. Claws made of billions of watts swiped at the trees and buildings. The bones of past generations shot down from thes mist.

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  1.   Mr Thurstonon 26 Jan 2017 at 9:01 pm     Reply1

    PINK: Super work, Jasper. Jam-packed full of metaphors to make the weather menacing. Merit
    GREEN: Perhaps this would be EVEN better if you stuck to one extended metaphor, rather than having so many different ideas for the lightning and win.

    PING: See if you can spot two apostrophe mistakes…

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