Feb 03 2017

Runaway Girl part 2

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I sat upright and scanned the streets. Where can I  go now? I thought. The smell of food trapped me – I had to go and get some. I didn’t have alot of money ; I had enough for a bit of food. I feel stupid about running away but it was worth it. There was a taste of cinnamon and dates in the air , which made my stomach rumble vigorously. Consequently, I headed to the bakery in front of the road I was on. I probably had about two days worth of biscuits 🍪, cake 🎂 and bread 🍞 ; I spent £10 ( out of my 20). At that moment , I heard a voracious middle-aged man shouting angrily. He looked quite familiar with his unruly two-toned hair and his upturned nose . He glared in my direction . Instinctively, I ducked down ; I’m glad I did because after a few seconds I realised : he was my science teacher. My friends were across the street ( Madison , Izzy , Bella and Sierra) so he must’ve been with them. I suppressed my voice from shouting out to them – as I missed them so much.

I crept to the following road , keeping low. Finally relaxing , I sat down and took a bite of the warm sugar coated biscuits that I had bought. I pulled my ancient phone from my jean pocket and texted Madison , who always had her new IPhone 7 plus in her designer handbag. The other girls were a lot richer than me : I had got a scholarship to go to the expensive boarding school ( Middle leaf 🍃 secondary) . I never really fit in but I guess I made some friends. I could hear Madison’s loud ringtone pinging – she had received my text. I heard clicks on the concrete floor and I looked up. I saw Madison with her big hair and her sweet aroma turn the corner. ” Elina ?” she asked , looking bewildered. ” Madison!!!” I said gleefully , as I sprang up and hugged her. We had to have the obvious discussion about why I was out here n the streets ; she understood but didn’t at the same time. ” Why exactly did you go though?” she asked , curious. Although it was a simple question , my mouth moved but no words came out . Her words replayed in my head – why did I go ? …

Watch out for part three soon !!!



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  1.   Mr Thurstonon 03 Feb 2017 at 4:46 pm     Reply1

    PINK: I think you’ve managed to bring the emotions of Elina to life really well. I can sympathise with her. I especially like the line about the simple question and the juxtaposition with her moving yet silent mouth. Merit 🙂

    GREEN: ‘Consequently’ sounds very formal (perhaps keep it for non-fiction).

    PING: Think of a better verb/phrase than ‘sat down’ to show Elina’s feelings?

  2.   Silvieon 03 Feb 2017 at 5:02 pm     Reply2

    Hunched up

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