Feb 03 2017

The Enemy (book review)

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The Enemy is a horror book that I recently read. It is based in present/modern times and it’s mainly based around zombies. It’s very morbid at times and not for someone who doesn’t like stuff to do with blood and things hanging off people’s bodies. But apart from the morbidness, it’s a very well written book.

The way I would describe the book:

There is a group of under 14s and they are fighting against the zombies. They hear about a safe house and traipse across London to it. They fight zombies on the way and lots of people die. It tells 3 stories at once:

  • The group of kids finding the safe house;
  • A boy who was kidnapped by the zombies but somehow escapes;
  • A boys who stays behind when the others leave.

Author: Charlie Higson

Rating: 9/10

Age limit (my opinion): 9/10 +

Thank you for reading

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2 Responses to “The Enemy (book review)”

  1.   Mr Thurstonon 03 Feb 2017 at 4:56 pm     Reply1

    Jasper, thanks for the book review! I’m glad you enjoyed it and I know you’re looking forward to reading another book by Charlie Higson.

    Super review: I think the warning about blood might put our friend Gabriel off! 🙂 Merit

    •   Jasper GHon 05 Feb 2017 at 2:49 pm     Reply2

      I told him MANY a time about it but he wasn’t put off

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