Feb 23 2017

Crying in Flames (500 Words story by Abbie)

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Every day this is where he sat. As he clenched his book with his wrinkled hands, tears rolled down his pale cheeks. All week, all month, all year he sat in his own chair in his own time. Some people called him a hermit, but what was his real story?

It was the ninth day of the ninth month of Trevor’s twenty ninth year, and Monica was sitting by the warm chestnut fire. As she rocked back and forth, she stared down at her stomach and a smile spread across her young face –reaching her ears. She felt a kick! Monica pushed her hair away from her freckled face.

As the moon rested in the dark night sky, Monica tiptoed upstairs toward her bedroom. Something was wrong. She felt panic rise in her chest. It was a dark night; the only light came from the sky and even that was fading too.

“Checkmate!” Trevor rubbed his hands together and grinned. “Another beer please.” This pub was where the father of Monica’s unborn child, Trevor, played darts. It wasn’t the most welcoming pub. On each wall were pictures of dead kings, priests and families dressed in black. But it was always bustling with men. It was full of dark spirits. Voids of blackness swarmed around the pub.

That night, when Monica finally drifted off to sleep, her worst nightmare burned before her eyes.

“Trevor, Trevor, your house…your house…FIRE!!!” stuttered the man living across the road before fainting. Each word was like a punch to the head knocking him back step by step. He sprinted to the door. His heart hammered.

Flames burst through the house. Oak beams groaned under the weight of the roof. Dust cascaded from the ceiling. The heat was unbearable. Monica rushed downstairs while burning wood and brick burst through the ceiling; smoke filled her lungs. Glass smashed and stonework fell. It was a scene from hell. The fire wouldn’t relent. It only grew. It was poised to kill right from the start. It was cataclysmic. The flames were immortal: nothing could stop them now. Monica tucked herself in the corner…

Trevor looked at the sight before him – stunned – as rain poured down. Instinctively, he ran out into the road to stop a car for help. But did help come or did it just make the situation worse? The car collided into Trevor, destroying all hope. The force threw him onto a van’s bonnet. He felt blood trickle down his face.

As the ambulance and fire brigade arrived, Trevor stood up and glanced at the sight before him. He knew he shouldn’t have left.

Two weeks later, Trevor straitened his black tie. He was standing in church, without Monica or their new child.


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