Mar 24 2017

Report Writing. Homework by Silvie.

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Unicorns have a unbelievable diet. The typical thought that comes to your head when you think of unicorns is: pink,fluffy ; candy floss rainbow-flying-things. However, they’re not. Most unicorns like to feast on wild berries and fruits, which are more common in rural areas. In addition, clear river water or natural rock salt are the most obligatory items that unicorns need as it will help them with their flying and strength. The routinely daily diet consists of: river water, clusters of rock salt and sunflower seeds, nectar and average-sized caterpillars.


Swamp monsters are usually known for their peculiar appearance. Primarily, they have a muddy-brown colour clashing with their normal rainbow skin : as you could tell, Swamp monsters do live in swamps! Moreover, they have oddly, unevenly-spaced jaws, which are one of their most distinctive features. Consequently, they are not very good at camouflaging with the natural background. Leading animal expert , Trina Lyibert – from the Univesrty of Bristol- claimed: ” I was on an animal tour, training to be a proffesional animalolegist and my friend Annabelle and I ( good grammar!!!) spotted some never-before-seen animals deep in the murky swamps of Kenya in Afirca, that’s how I became a proffesional study of animals.”


Depending on a troll’s size it has a different habitat. Giant trolls usually lurk around behind trees in the forest or in the bushes , as they aren’t small enough to hide anywhere else. On the other hand, minuscule trolls are so tiny they would be the size of your thumb! They like to hide inside the hollow of trees as it is warm and cosy but also cave-dwelling and they are easily not spotted by prey. Average-size trolls are quite fond of staying in tree trunks and logs , as it’s the essential place as they are just about the size of two normal keys!



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  1.   Mr Thurstonon 24 Mar 2017 at 8:09 am     Reply1

    Super, independent report-writing practice! Love the effort. Well done! Merit 🙂

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