Mar 24 2017


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The monster of the ocean has an unusual appearance. Firstly their eyes are like bumble bees a bee has five eyes it has two huge compound eyes and three simple eyes the size of three human sized balls.His mouth is as wide as the unkown abyss deep into the ground,his teeth are as sharp as a dagger and long like a pencil.Hair swishes around like a hurricane thrashing against the innocent people; sticking up like door standing on its hinges,hair is as orange as the scorching sun on a summers day.Scaly skin stuck out of his body as if being stabbed by pins and as smooth as needing his hand through some dogs hair.

Living underwater for the rest of your life is very difficult.Well for this ghastly monster its the most comfortable place to do all of there most relaxing things to do. Most of them live in the depths of the unknown abyss in the rocky lands of the desserts were they can slither around like ravens snakes slithering to its prey and fasting on the blood and bones. Some of then awful creatures live in the forests of Japan because theres shade,watering many people would like to visit or campthjere for there own entertament.

Eating is one of the most favourite things they like to do.The majority eats the bones of humans and creature to make there bread, and, eyeball stew as there dinner and as always for there dinner they have human skin for a little change and for desserts they have brains and milk. Some like to make blood porridge for breakfast,head dumplings for there dinner and last but not least they have blood curling chicken human wings with horse blood.

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  1.   Mr Thurstonon 24 Mar 2017 at 8:10 am     Reply1

    Super effort with your independent report writing! Well done. Merit 🙂

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