Apr 26 2017

666 Part One

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Anonymous666 added you as a friend.

Anonymous666: Call me.

Littlelily93: ¬†Umm…. no thanks.

Anonymous666: ok but beware…

Lily wasn’t sure whether to tell someone or not. She tried to reassure herself- of course it was just some weirdo. They couldn’t put her in danger, could they?

Well, she couldn’t tell her mum or dad- they would ban her from her phone forever; she couldn’t tell her little baby brother but there was always JJ and Annie her two besties. She could always put them in the chat.

Littlelily93 added JJsavage44 and Annie96 to the chat.

Annie96: Hey!Who else is on this chat?

Littlelily93; JJ , me and some stalker dude.

Anoynomous666: Hi it’s me.

Anoynomous666; 3 2 1

Littlelily93 goes offline…


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