Mar 24 2017

Yeti poem (HOMEWORK)

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The Yeti lives in a cave of frost,

if you go and look you’ll certainly get lost,

It eats ice cream and bones from a polar bear,

The food chain is very unfair,

It has a huge white head and very big feet,

He has long long arms and is made of meat,

It is extremely violent and often ruthless,

some yeti’s are so bad that they are toothless,

It likes to bathe in the half frozen lakes,

it can’t stand the taste of seal bakes,

The Yeti’s enemy is a small upright thing,

it would faint if it heard the humans sing,

The Yeti can live for 500 years,

then it dies of unbearable fears,

Its biggest weapon is the wet cold snowball,

one hit of this can make anyone fall,


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Mar 24 2017

Letter to Daily Mail. Homework 🗓📇

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Dear The Daily Mail,

Hi, I’m writing to inform you of some animal news. Lately, I have found a large, monster-like figure lurking in the shadows around my house. It has white fur, quite silky and smooth. However, he has quite an evil face leading to his mouth with his jagged teeth and his loud bellow, it doesn’t even sound like thunder – it sounds like a tornado clashing with a hurricane. His hands are so big they could probably grab two large humans in one of his furry palms and he could easily pick four average size humans up in half of his palm. However, his mouth is a large problem. That could easily bite a house , tear it to shreds with one jaw. You see, I think he would be alot nicer caged or most definetley warned. I hope you take my warning in to considerations and ask people to stay safe and use the most bulletproof material they can in their house .

Kind Regards,

Silvie (owner of house 24 Monster Lane)

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Mar 24 2017

Literacy homework diary entry

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Dear diary,

My week has beeen tiring but amazing. It all started when I was just about to go to sleep and I heard a splish sploshing noise so I stood up and went to see what it was. It was a thing with colossal eyes, slimy and green. So I opened my window and listened to what it had to say. ” I’ve left my teddy in the deep dark woods; you must find it for me,” it sobbed. So my day ended up in a forest finding a teddy. The next day when I was trying to get to sleep he asked me to get his milk from the whirling wastes  so I…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Mar 24 2017

Literacy homework mythical creature

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. The ocean


. Fish,octopus and squid


. Long pointy ears, a scaled tail, Long crystal blue hair, weird shaped hands and midnight tattoos.


. Evil, gets angry when people annoy her and hurting other creatures like her.


.likes sharks, always meeting her evil friends and being mean to her brothers and sisters.

.dislikes seahorses, hates the taste of dolphin and when she doesn’t get her way.


. The great which of coral, The Squid of the midnight castle and the crocodile of whirl pools.

Life cycle:

. Starts of with and egg. Then after the egg hatches a mermaid comes out. When it gets to about five years old it turn into a mysterious looking creature that no-one knows about.


. It’s scaley tail, sharp claws and long crystals blue hair which can tangel creatures up.


. It can control what other creatures do in the sea, can predict to the future and can turn invisible under water.


. When someone hits her in the stomach










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Mar 24 2017


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chicken balls are yummy


My teacher is the best

school is fun

Mr Thurston     Natalie     Millie         Evie     Mollie      Roheen    Alliana     silve       ARE BESTIES FOR LIFE 

Mr Tett is the best at rocking out of the whole school


Elle is a-maz-ing

Ellie may is great at being a duck

Mr Thurston is my teacher and im happy about that 🙂

Natalie is great at being crazy and funny 😮


Millie is the best at being one of my friend and crazy 😉



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Mar 24 2017

The Thing !!!

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As I  stalked towards the peek of the mountain I saw it. A monster standing holding a snow ball to lob it at any intruder to get its fur. I’ll try and describe it for you in the most possible way :

It had large hands. They were the size of a small van.

He was the tallest thing you would of ever seen. He was as tall as a house counting the chimny.

My heart started to pound and tried to escape my body. My hands had a cold sweat shrouding them in fear was I really going to fight this beast. A shiver raced down my spin about 100 miles a minute and my head had a constant pound as if i were about to be knocked out.

His evil grin stretching as wide as a fire place attaching to his glaring eyes.

His eyes were as twice as bad the glare would feel like he would give you a chance to run but he never would.

His body stooped down but still terrifying. Even if you were a mile away and he was led down he would get you as if you were a centimeter away to a person.

So i walked out from the rock I was hiding behind and he must of caught me in the coner  of his beastly eyes because he let out an ear-piercing screech. Then DARKNESS…

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Mar 24 2017

The girl who just wanted to be alone

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A loud knock vibrated through my wooden door. I peeped through it- Tasmin – the prettiest girl in the whole of fifth grade. What would she want to do with me?  I’m just like the ugliest person ever. I hate myself. I never come out of my room – apart from school (obvs 🙄🙄). I slammed my door , not sure what to do. I  collapsed onto my bed and sprawled over it with the feeling of guilt in my stomach. It’s hard to live with guilt but I always do. That’s my life though , hard and hated by myself. Anyway, it was probably a trick. What would Tasmin – yes Tasmin Saunders- want to do with me? She’s like a proper typical popular girl- like  she signs autographs!!! I would do anything to be like her. It’s nt my fault it’s just well I feel like no-one likes me. After school, I come upstairs , cry into my best friend ( my pillow) and wish I was like other girls.

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Mar 24 2017

The Ghost in the Shadows by Silvie part 1

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Mrs Hopley’s ancient yet terrifying metre stick slammed in her clammy palm turning it the usual red sort of colour you get on your hands. However, she wasn’t normal , she was the most evil lady you would ever meet – even the priminister would be scared around her. She was like a robot : she was so emotionless. ” If I notice that not even one of you brings in your homework everyone will not attend play or any free time you may get ,” she announced like it was something she did every day ( because it was ). Everyone could feel the silent groans shrouding the classroom. The bell rang . ” School’s over!!!” she shouted , as the bell rang . You could tell it was her least favourite time of the day because she would have to stop transforming children’s happiness to gloom.

Kayla and Kenzie glanced at each other over the pupil-filled tables , mischeviously. Their plan was about to begin. Pandemonium started like it always did at the end of the school day – approximetley 3:20pm.

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Mar 24 2017

The Thing description (homework)

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It had a huge mouth with a toothless grin,

the tiny moles that looked like pins,

with huge green ears with spots all around,

it is most unlikely that he’ll ever be found,

a see through body made by the air,

enough to make anyone frightened and scared,

with huge hairy legs as big as cars,

and his rotting feet are as big as metal bars,

he has ragged clothes made of tea clothes,

the shirt is  bigger than ten male sloths,

he’s ugly and frightening and scares things away,

The thing is the thing he has to deal with it everyday!





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Feb 23 2017

Crying in Flames (500 Words story by Abbie)

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Every day this is where he sat. As he clenched his book with his wrinkled hands, tears rolled down his pale cheeks. All week, all month, all year he sat in his own chair in his own time. Some people called him a hermit, but what was his real story?

It was the ninth day of the ninth month of Trevor’s twenty ninth year, and Monica was sitting by the warm chestnut fire. As she rocked back and forth, she stared down at her stomach and a smile spread across her young face –reaching her ears. She felt a kick! Monica pushed her hair away from her freckled face.

As the moon rested in the dark night sky, Monica tiptoed upstairs toward her bedroom. Something was wrong. She felt panic rise in her chest. It was a dark night; the only light came from the sky and even that was fading too.

“Checkmate!” Trevor rubbed his hands together and grinned. “Another beer please.” This pub was where the father of Monica’s unborn child, Trevor, played darts. It wasn’t the most welcoming pub. On each wall were pictures of dead kings, priests and families dressed in black. But it was always bustling with men. It was full of dark spirits. Voids of blackness swarmed around the pub.

That night, when Monica finally drifted off to sleep, her worst nightmare burned before her eyes.

“Trevor, Trevor, your house…your house…FIRE!!!” stuttered the man living across the road before fainting. Each word was like a punch to the head knocking him back step by step. He sprinted to the door. His heart hammered.

Flames burst through the house. Oak beams groaned under the weight of the roof. Dust cascaded from the ceiling. The heat was unbearable. Monica rushed downstairs while burning wood and brick burst through the ceiling; smoke filled her lungs. Glass smashed and stonework fell. It was a scene from hell. The fire wouldn’t relent. It only grew. It was poised to kill right from the start. It was cataclysmic. The flames were immortal: nothing could stop them now. Monica tucked herself in the corner…

Trevor looked at the sight before him – stunned – as rain poured down. Instinctively, he ran out into the road to stop a car for help. But did help come or did it just make the situation worse? The car collided into Trevor, destroying all hope. The force threw him onto a van’s bonnet. He felt blood trickle down his face.

As the ambulance and fire brigade arrived, Trevor stood up and glanced at the sight before him. He knew he shouldn’t have left.

Two weeks later, Trevor straitened his black tie. He was standing in church, without Monica or their new child.


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