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Jan 26 2017

Setting Description by Natalie

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As vigorous wind slapped against the metallic buildings, lightning bolts zipped down to earth. The clouds had turned into tornados and the tornados had been turned into doom! No one was in sight. The skies sob turned into a impotent roar – like a clap of thunder unaccompanied by lightning. Gathering clouds swarmed into a […]

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Dec 01 2016

Literacy Homework By Millie

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Cautiously, I entered the scrapyard. All of this junk I bet was worth looking through. As I reached forward to grab a piece of metal, I saw a glistening pair of earrings. What could I do with them? I knew I could take them but that was wrong, wasn’t it? All too soon, darkness had […]

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Nov 22 2016

The Lost Soldier. By Jasper PART 1 – Lost in the woods.

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The rifle swung back and fourth, hitting me in the shoulder. It felt like I had been lying down on a hard surface for a year. My stomach churned. The last time I ate, I couldn’t remember. I felt like this was gonna be my fate. The crows echoed as they formed their own halo […]

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Sep 06 2016

The shadow by Silvie

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A mysterious figure appeared from the midnight mist . The footsteps stamping on the uneven cobbles echoed down the dark , terrifying street . The distant smell of smoke slithered like a snake inbetween the houses like a maze . The unexpected figure stomped its foot . Worried , people , who were scared , […]

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